Buying Caravan Awnings
Buying Caravan Awnings

Why You Should Get a 4WD Awning Right Away

08.04.18 03:11 PM By SlaterConnornyw

If you're regularly on the go courtesy of your off-road four-wheel drive, you certainly know how difficult it is to find a nice shade for your car when you stop for lunch or any other break. When you pull over, you want to pack the vehicle away from direct sunlight, wind, or storm. The solution lies in a nice 4x4 awning for sale. 

Most awnings measure approximately 2.5 metres by 2 metres, although other dimensions and sizes are available too. Be sure to pick a piece that runs the length and width of your car. These protectors are excellent, and unbelievably affordable. You could get an awning that pulls out from the back of the car, or that which covers all the three sides of your 4WD. 

Awnings for 4WDs are certainly fully weatherproof. You may be caught in a storm, but the heavy rain water will only accumulate on top without a single drop leaking through. An awning gives you piece of mind, whether you're pulling over to have a quick bite or just sleep under it.   

It's also possible to add accessories to your awning and make it more useful and protective. For example, bug proof sides ensure no insect dares come near your vehicle, protecting you while you're resting inside. Similarly, solid sides make it possible to convert an awning into a tent on the side of your car. Incredibly, a convertible awning can provide a bigger tent attached to your car at the price of a traditional tent!

If you've never set up an awning before, don't worry because doing it is not complicated. Actually, the design and nature of most 4WD awnings allow for easy and quick setup by just one person. If you're a lone, you can still install the canopy and safeguard your car against the elements. Keep reading 4WD Supacentre.

Typically, you just unzip the case and un-clip the props. You roll the canopy out and erect the legs. With the legs upright, secure the supports. In case it's very windy, you may use several pegs attached to the ground and ropes tied to the canopy for a stronger set up. Pegging the shelter to the ground prevents strong wind from picking it up. Learn more here.

The lack of a nice shade under which to pack your 4WD can ruin your outdoor adventure. However, you may solve the problem by mounting a strong awning built to enhance your off-road comforts.

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